Tisá Sandstone Rocks

From the centre of the hamlet of Tisá, a direct path leads from the Church of St. Anne to the Tisá Rocks. It takes us to a fantastic rock town with a number of bizarre sandstone formations. Two 2-km long paths lead through the most precious parts of the rock labyrinth, which is the Tisá Rocks Educational path. As recently as in the 1920´s, visitors were not allowed to enter the rock area without guides. To the left  side towards the west,  the smaller path leads to the Small Tisá Rocks, displaying 19 numbered rock formations, then returns from the north. To the right  towards the east, the route goes through the Big Tisá Rocks (56 numbered rock formations), which form a wall up to 70 m in height, rising above the northern part of the village reaching  as high as 613 m above sea level at the highest point. About 80  rock formations were given apposite names: Forest Gate, Janus´ Head, Frog, Helmet, Hive, Temple, Castle, Triumphal Arch, Swedish Arch, Gipsy Camp, Labyrinth, Napoleon’s Boot, Elephant, Mayor, Bell, Mushroom, Turtle, Grandfather’s Chair, Cow-Shed, etc.