Budovský Waterfall

In the romantic part of the Vlčí Canyon beneath Budov the brook scrambling towards the River Elbe passes over a height of 11 m. Thanks to the romantic scenery, the painting of the canyon by Burkhardt got as far as the Vienna Opera at one time to be used as a pageant for Weber´s opera Der Freischütz.

Mlýnišťský Waterfall

8 m high waterfall in the romantic valley on the Pekelský Brook between Krásné Březno and Mlýniště.

Moravanský Waterfall

In a romantic canyon, deepened by the Moravanský Brook near the Moravany hamlet.

Průčelský Waterfall

8 m high cascade waterfall on the nameless brook in the Průčelská Canyon above Brná.

Stříbrnický Waterfall

In Berta Valley not far from the very centre of Ústí nad Labem.

Svádovský Waterfall

Situated on private land in a small canyon of the Kojetický Brook in Olšinky, passing over a height of 10 m. On the site of the current house  by the waterfall there used to stand a mill in the 17th century that was associated with a recorded  legend. At the time the estate was owned by Anna Marie Františka, Duchess of Tuscany, the miller had a beautiful daughter, liked by the duke, the last descendant  of the Family of Medici. The relationship did not remain without consequences. The jealous duchess had her husband’s mistress shot, and she died later in the gamekeeper’s lodge on the saddle up in the mountains. The duke’s small son was brought up in Italy as Conte di Molino (duke of the mill). Allegedly, the family  still lives in Florence.

Vaňovský Waterfall

With a height of 12 m it is the highest in the Bohemian Uplands and is situated on the Podlešínský Brook above Vrkoč near Vaňov. The uniqueness  of the place is augmented with an impressive romantic stone amphitheatre, created by weekend cottage settlement basalt cloak of the waterfall.