Social care

The Catalogue of Social and Healthcare Services in the Ústí Region

The Catalogue of Social and Healthcare Services contains seven areas of social assistance:

  • Care for senior citizens
  • Mental healthcare (this includes individuals with long-term mental illness, mentally handicapped individuals and individuals at risk of drug use)
  • Care for afflicted individuals
  • Care for children and young people
  • Social care during temporary crises and emergencies
  • Care for ethnic minorities
  • Care for individuals threatened with social exclusion

Coordination groups exist for all the areas of social assistance, with the exception of social care during temporary crises and emergencies and care for individuals threatened with social exclusion. Their work involves the coordination of the social services in the given area and the preparation of expert information for the work of the Social and Healthcare Committee of the Municipal Board of Ústí nad Labem. The Social and Healthcare Issues Committee is the guarantor for the social sphere in the City of Ústí nad Labem and it recommends further measures leading to the development of social care and improvements in the provided services to the Municipal Board for approval.

In addition to the summary of addresses and services from all areas, the Catalogue also includes the addresses:

  • of state institutions – for example Labour Offices, the Education Authority etc.
  • local government – i.e. individual municipal authorities both within the city and in the other municipalities in the District of Ústí nad Labem
  • health insurance companies and the most important medical facilities, as well as the opening hours of psychologists and psychiatrists, where it is possible to seek assistance in an emergency

Emergency telephone numbers:

The uniform European emergency number



The Fire Brigade of the Czech Republic



The Ambulance Rescue Service



The Municipal Police



The Police of the Czech Republic



Psychological first aid

+420 475 600 789


The Masaryk Hospital

+420 475 681 111


The HIV Clinic

+420 472 773 560


Counselling for drug users

+420 475 210 626