Real estate and brownfields

Conditions for investors from the point of view of the City of Ústí nad Labem

Industrial Zones

  • Severní Předlice

The Severní Předlice Industrial Zone

Severní Předlice is a territory located within the cadastre of the City of Ústí nad Labem, specifically within the borough of Ústí nad Labem-město.

The Severní Předlice Industrial Zone has been designed as a territory with an area of 61 ha that is directly connected to the D8 motorway on its north-western side and to the extension of Jateční street on its south-eastern side. 22 ha of the zone are fully utilisable for investors. From the point of view of the zoning documentation, the locality is listed as a commercial industrial zone and as a development territory (a territory with a weak or undeveloped character) proposed for fundamental development and the establishment of a new territorial structure alongside a possible main road with the option of connecting to the slip road from the D8 motorway.

The locality of the Severní Předlice Industrial Zone in Ústí nad Labem is significant thanks to its strategic location at the Prague-Dresden (a direct connection to the D8 motorway) and Karlovy Vary-Liberec crossroads; this applies to both road and rail transport. The connection to the transport system hub is significant in relation to the strategic position of the City of Dresden in the Federal Republic of Germany and its transport connections to other areas in EU countries, but also to Poland.

Mapa průmyslová zóna Severní Předlice

The industrial zone is currently almost fully occupied by international investors (KONE, APERAM, MATERIALISE, SCHENKER).

The Tonaso Industrial Zone

The Tonaso Industrial Zone is situated in an area with good transport accesibility in the borough of Neštěmice. The zone lies 90 km from Prague and 50 km from Dresden (the Federal Republic of Germany). Its total area amounts to 40 ha, of which 28 ha are utilisable and 12 ha are available for new investors.

The zone’s advantages include installed infrastructure with sufficient capacity enabling the use of developed utility networks (electrical cabling, distribution of industrial and drinking water, natural gas, steam and sewers).

The road connections are provided by the D8 motorway (Prague – Dresden) and the E442
first-class road (Děčín - Ústí n. L. - Teplice - Most - Karlovy Vary - Cheb). The cross-border connection is provided by the Petrovice–Bahratal border crossing on the D8 motorway. The internal transport routes in the industrial zone are directly linked to the first-class road (E442). The zone also has a railway siding which is connected to the Czech Railways network (the railway corridor). A further significant factor is the fact that the industrial zone has its own harbour on the Elbe River. The harbour is located at river kilometre 76.1 and it constitutes the left-hand bank the Elbe River at a length of 240 m. The length of the direct section of the wharf is 200 m, while the length of the diagonal connections to the bank are 20 m both upstream and downstream. The top of the wharf is horizontal and is situated at a height of 136.22 m above sea level. The wharf is equipped with 10 mooring bollards and it includes 4 exit stairwells. 2 vessels can be tied up to a single mooring at the same time. The permitted mooring width is 12 m. Air transport; Dresden – 50 km, Prague – 100 km, Karlovy Vary – 120 km.

The Tonaso Industrial Zone was created as a result of the partial shutdown of chemical production in the premises of the Tonaso Company. The areas which were originally equipped with a sodium carbonate production plant have undergone extensive rehabilitation as part of a comprehensive project involving the removal of any old ecological burdens and have been deliberately prepared for further use. This history gives potential investors the option of becoming involved in programs focusing on the regeneration of brownfield localities which are financially supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the CzechInvest agency.

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The Strategic Development Department updates and maintains the city’s brownfield database. The updates take place in cooperation with the Faculty of Social and Economic Studies at the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně. The database includes real estate (territories, facilities, properties and buildings) that is unused and neglected, maybe contaminated. This real estate is a remnant of industrial, agricultural, residential, military and other activities. The brownfields cannot be effectively used without undergoing regeneration.

The CzechInvest Agency administers the so-called National Brownfield Database. The national database records selected brownfield localities. Its objective is to provide an overview of the number, character and development of brownfields within the Czech Republic. The public section of the database is used to offer locations to investors. The non-public section is used for statistical purposes in order to monitor certain phenomena and create summaries on the support of brownfield regeneration. It currently includes 3500 localities, of which more than 450 have been published.

The Statutory city of Ústí nad Labem has records of a total of 108 brownfields, only seven of which it owns. The list of city brownfields is set out in the following table:



Plot number

Catastral territory

Area (m²)

Building on Čelakovského street – hostel

Čelakovského 806/4


Krásné Březno


The Kamenný vrch building crèche

Kamenná 1431/3




Building on Neštěmická street – children and youth centre

Neštěmická 795/37


Krásné Březno


Building on V Ústraní street residential building

V Ústraní 132



1 360

Buildings on Matiční street – balcony access houses

Matiční 381/4 a 382/6

103, 104, 105, 106

Krásné Březno

2 476

CORSO – cultural centre

Krčínova 801/6

472/157, 472/158, 472/159, 172/176

Krásné Březno

6 782

Storage area near Kekulova street

u ulice Kekulova


Ústí nad Labem

4 900


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