Střekov Castle

The adapted castle ruins form a distinct dominant in the south of the city over the right bank of the Elbe river. The ruins are placed on 100 m high clinkstone rock. The castle was founded in 1318 to protect the local trade route. The Romantic appearance of the castle ruins attracted many outstanding personalities (e.g. painter Adrian Ludwig Richter, Ernst Gustav Doerel, composer Richard Wagner, poet Karel Hynek Macha). In 1923-1936 the Masaryk flood gate with a ship lock and a power station was constructed below the castle on the river Labe.
An exhibition of the history of the castle and the region can be visited in the castle palace. Visitors of the restaurant terrace have an exquisite view of the city and of the Elbe valley. After 1989 the castle was restituted to the Lobkowicz family.

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