Ústí nad Labem bridges

Mariánský Bridge

The newest bridge from the year 1998 immediately became one of the Ústí nad Labem symbols and in 2001 the bridge was ranked one of the ten most beautiful constructions of the 20th century in the world in an international inquiry of the well-known Structural Engineering International magazine. The bridge in the total lenght of 198 meters has a very attractive shape of the construction which is suspended on a triangle. The walking pavement for pedestrians and bikers runs along the middle of the bridge and is elevated above the road, the bridge pylon is a remarkable contrast to the Mariánská Rock. The span of the bridge’s main arch  is 123,30 m, its pier is 75 m high and the total extended length of the bridge with ramps is 333 m.

Bělský bridge

It is the oldest bridge structure  in the territory of the city of Ústí nad Labem. It joins both banks of the River Bílina in the triangular area beneath Větruše, at the place where it links to the motorway slip road from Trmice and the embankment road to Prague and Děčín. This stone bridge was built in 1719, on the site of the former timber one. It was decorated with a stone cross dedicated by the city councillors in 1721. This is the only one which remained preserved and stands by the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary (the church with the leaning tower). In the following years, statues of Saint John the Baptist, St. Barbara, St. John of Nepomuk, St. Anne and St. Dominic were added on the bridge. This bridge  is the only structure preserved from the whole city neighbourhood called “Ostrov” after the air raid of the city in April 1945.

Railway bridge

The so-called „north-western bridge“ connected the Ústí nad Labem and Střekov River Elbe banks. It combined a railway and road bridge, its length was 310 m. The railway track was at a height of 17 m above the normal water level. 6,5 meters below the rails, a 5 m wide lane for carts and cattle was built, plus a 1.25 m wide pedestrian way at the same height. The building work was commenced 10 December 1872, and after load tests had been carried out it was inaugurated and put into operation on 14 February 1874. The bridge was seriously damaged in the air raid in April 1945, and a new railway bridge was later built a few meters nearer the town. It is the eleventh largest structure of this type nationwide.

Benešův Bridge

The building of the second bridge across the river was commenced on the Střekov neighbourhood bank on 26 March 1934. The building work was extremely complicated from the technical point of view. The bridge structure leant against two piers built near the river banks. The span between both piers across the River Elbe is 123,60 m, which in those days was the longest span of  bridge structures nationwide. The Benešův bridge was inaugurated on 9 August 1936 and handed over to the city public.

Bridge in Stadice

An entrance gate to the municipality of Stadice  is the Baroque stone bridge across the River Bílina with two arches and high side parapets.